Are you a creative traveler?

Willing to discover, enjoy, feel, smell, taste, live, …  experience your destination?

What better way to do it than through interaction with the local craftsmen in order to learn more about their culture and skills and why not get your hands dirty, while making a new vase for your mom?

Enhance your creative potential by participating in a craft workshop, enrich your knowledge and make new friends forever.

Whether you are a creative traveler, a budding artist, a potter, a textile designer, a photographer, a writer or a food lover, these trips will offer you meaningful and transformative experiences! 

Meanwhile you can explore each corner of the hidden alley full of art ateliers, enjoy meeting fellow participants, attend spontaneous concerts, sing or dance in a small village, hidden in mountains.

As a real food lover, you can make your own youghurt or fresh cheese, taste the delicious, heavenly pink tomatoes and plum brandy made by your “host”. At that very moment with the first burning sip you understand the meaning of Life – togetherness, drinking, chatting, enjoying the warm evening until suddenly you hear the church bells ringing and  see the dawn rising.


What do we offer?


Experiencing the local culture through authentic activities organized by locals:

folk dancing lesson, traditional crafts classes, gastronomy workshops , chocolate making, yoghurt & cheese workshops, rose based soap making, tea tasting, local bread baking workshop, visit of the rose natural cosmetics factory, etc

We also organise a special creative programs as Land art, Writing residency, Painting holidays, photographers experiences, ornithology excursions, etc…

Just tell us about your special interest or just get in touch and we’ll help you to create your own story in the Balkans!