Explore like a local. Howabout this? Let us tell you where and how you can eat, cook, dance, drink a coffee like the local people.

The personal connection is the main key in our programs and experiences. Sometimesit is a special meeting and a talk with a local expert in the rouses’ distillery or afascinating conference about the Thracian heritage in Bulgaria. It could also be a meeting with the  monk in a small Orthodox monastery hidden in the mountain…Or a discussion with the local architect, explaining about the different styles of construction in the Balkans, or just joining the small local yoghurt & cheese workshop and ask why the Bulgarian yoghurt is the best in the whole world….

Dancing and singing with the family in their own home while our group is having adelicious homemadelunch, or just sharing abig bowl of yoghurt or 150 g rakia /the Bulgarian brandy/ with the kind neighbors who teach you how to say “Cheers” in their language…Nazdrave!